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hyper - service for building hyperscale applications

One API... many services...

hyper is a dev-ops team wrapped in a single API. One consistent, frictionless API to manage data, cache, storage, search, and queue services. hyper promotes clean architecture application development.

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Technical Debt

What do developers hate the most about software development? Many will say technical debt, having to work through so much noise to implement a simple change request.


hyper. A service framework.

hyper is a cloud-native service solution delivering a straightforward way to leverage APIs to create scalable performant services. Create features quickly into apps that scale, all while keeping technical debt at bay.

hyper provides APIs to core application services: data, cache, storage, queues, and search.

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Data Service

Store, Retrieve and index structured data



hyper contains all of the services primitives to build applications without having to deal with servers, services or clouds.

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Why use hyper?

hyper enables us to spend time on what matters. By providing a well-defined interface for things like data persistence, caching, and search, hyper allows us to avoid bike-shedding and reinventing logic that is common across the majority of our applications. Instead, we can spend our time working on the details that make each project unique and keep our focus on providing value to the customer.

Travis Nesland, Senior Lead Developer at Sovereign, co.