What makes us different

hyper63, LLC is a company focused on building products and services for developers and improving the development experience. As a result, development teams are able to grow into high performing teams, and create incredible products.

Our story

The problem

Software is eating the world, but one can argue that software can cause just as many problems as it is meant to solve. Building software is more than building a product and then selling it. It is a constant, fluid, process of discovery and refinement, a process that necessitates nurture and focus. Unfortunately, often times, the result leads to disappointment. As a software development community, can we do better? Can we create products that are a joy, to not only build, but to maintain, over time? Products that can migrate to new technologies and platforms, incrementally?

To that end, all software applications should be built with the following requirements:

  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • Flexibility

We’re here to help

We are building a new set of products and services that have the potential to transform the software community. These products and services provide development teams the guidance and capabilities to, not only, highly perform when building software, but to future proof their products, and create constant and consistent value over time.


Software development is the constant embracement of change as you discover and refine applications to improve the workflow and effectivness of users. Software should empower users to get their stuff done leveraging technology, not being driven by technology.

Tom Wilson

CEO at hyper63