about hyper63

Hi, I am Tom Wilson, and I founded hyper63, a company that is focused on challenging the way we currently think and do software development. I have been writing software for 30 years and have helped build some complex and successful software systems.

The mission of hyper63 is to create an approach to software that changes the current state of the software development universe.

First off, software is amazing, it is truly mind-blowing that we can video chat with anyone in the world in near real-time. It is truly mind-blowing that we have created rockets that can land themselves and global networked trade and commerce. As software developers and engineers we have changed the world. Learning to program computers is being taught in primary education schools. There is also another side of software development.

Software projects can get complicated quickly, and can accrue what we call technical debt which can increase the cost and maintenance of software applications. Developers can quickly find themselves in a maintenance mode, where the amount of work related to keeping the operational becomes a cost burden, and the desire to rewrite the whole system is great. Business can require too many features with impossible deadlines and pressure teams into making short-term decisions that produce even more debt. Teams put automation and quality concerns as an item at the bottom of the check list that never gets fully addressed. Developer happiness goes from extremely high to extremely low.

As software developers can we fix this cycle of doom?

Do any of these solutions truly solve the problem? or do they just address some of the symptoms?

To be fair, not all projects have this problem, there are unicorns out there, but I think for the most part these problems are real from startups to enterprise as varying levels of severity.

What is a better solution?

That is the purpose of hyper63 to find a solution that can create an outcome that keeps technical debt manageable and under control so features and scale can flow.

I believe the solution will involve the following principles:

I will post short summaries on each one of these principles and why I think they matter!

About Tom Wilson

If you want to find more about me check out my linked in profile https://linkedin.com/in/twilson63.

If you would like to chat, join our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/S6VsTqd