Don't re-invent the wheel. Use a service framework.

hyper63 allows your development team to focus on the logic that makes your application special, not the necessary cloud service boiler plate.

The Data Port gives developers a robust REST API to store and retrieve structured data. No need to spend time setting up your databases and cloud services. Simply pick your adapter, and go.
In order to scale applications, you need to be able to store redundant data in a cache. This architecture can be a challenge to setup and manage. With hyper63, it is an API call to store and fetch cached data, fast.
In addition to structured data, applications need unstructured data, such as images and documents. Why have a different API or different service? Leverage hyper63 to give your team a consistent and robust api to manage unstructured data with the same client driver as other primitives.
Searching is a requirement for every application. Using hyper63's api, you can create fast and flexible search features without having to setup or manage search services.